3 Reasons to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress

There was a time when memory foam mattresses were a novelty. Over the last couple of decades, though, all that has changed, and they have become the most popular rival to standard innerspring mattresses.

Visco foam has long been praised for its ability to shape and mould to the body of someone lying on it, making it ideal for mattresses.

If you have considered buying a memory foam mattress but have been reluctant to take the plunge, check out these three great reasons why you should, whether you are buying for an adult or a  child’s room.

Spine Alignment Support

Unlike other mattresses, memory foam mattresses support each individual part of your body evenly by distributing your body weight across the entire surface of the bed. It contours with the shapes and curves of your body, giving support to your lower back while allowing the spine to stay in a stable and neutral position.

On spring mattresses, your body weight is concentrated around the areas that directly contact the mattress. So, the heels, hips, and shoulders are targeted. However, if you are a side sleeper or back sleeper, your lumbar area is unlikely to be supported adequately. Without it, you may suffer from muscle tension and pain in the lower back area.


If you suffer from any allergies, memory foam mattresses are ideal for you. They have a very dense design and construction that means they repel allergens such as pet dander and mould.

In most memory foam mattresses, you will find very little to no materials that are likely to affect your allergies, and there are even some that are low in VOCs, making them perfect if you suffer from allergic reactions or have a strong aversion to harsh chemicals or smells.

Although it is not quite connected to allergies, memory foam mattresses are known for their ability to fend off dust mites and stop them from using them as a breeding ground. Overall, it is fair to say that memory foam mattresses are a much cleaner and more hygienic option than many of the other choices out there.

You Can Sleep in Virtually Any Position Comfortably

It does not matter if you prefer to sleep on your side, back, or even stomach – a memory foam mattress will accommodate you. The Visco foam has been designed to mould to and cradle your whole body, enabling you to manoeuvre into the best and most comfortable position without experiencing any pressure points.

Even if you toss and turn a lot or move in your sleep, anyone else sharing the bed won’t notice, because although it enables you to get comfortable into the best position, it doesn’t move as much as other kinds of mattresses. This is also great if you are sharing a bed with someone and you have different sleeping patterns or shift patterns.

After reading that, are you feeling more inclined to take the plunge and invest in a memory foam mattress? If you do, we are sure you will not regret it, especially as you will experience the five great benefits listed above.

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